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A New Milestone: Vimware is now AWS Service Delivery Partner for EC2

We’re thrilled to announce a significant achievement in the cloud computing realm! Our team has been officially certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 vendor. This pivotal milestone is not just a testament to our technological capabilities, but also a beacon of the enhanced services that clients can anticipate. Let’s delve deeper into understanding what this certification entails and its implications for our clientele.

Decoding AWS EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) stands as a cornerstone in the vast infrastructure of AWS. EC2 revolutionizes the way we manage applications by providing scalable computing capacity in the cloud, negating the necessity to invest in and manage physical servers. It ensures flexibility, allowing for the tailoring of instances to precisely meet the needs of different applications.

Significance of the Certification

Being certified as an AWS EC2 vendor illustrates our commitment to upholding industry best practices and delivering optimum solutions. It amplifies our capacity to offer services that are intricately aligned with the EC2 environment, promising improved integration, adaptability, and performance.

Implications for Clients

  1. Credibility: This achievement enhances our credibility, reassuring clients of our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Our services are now optimized for the EC2 platform, ensuring that clients receive services fine-tuned for exceptional performance.

  3. Innovation: Armed with this certification, we are poised to leverage the extensive capabilities of AWS, driving innovation to offer clients advanced solutions.

  4. Support and Service: Closer ties with AWS mean that clients can expect superior support and services, benefiting from a wealth of resources and expertise.

Looking to the Future

The journey doesn’t end here. This certification paves the way for continual improvement, innovation, and the enhancement of the services offered to our esteemed clients. It signifies a step forward in our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the vibrant world of cloud computing. Celebrate this monumental milestone with us, and look forward to a future brimming with possibilities!


Based in Burbank, California, Vimware is an Amazon AWS partner offering specialized IT strategy and software development consulting. With a focus on empowering small to midsize businesses, our expertise in building apps, websites, SAAS, APIs, and DevOps ensures your organization excels in the digital arena. Looking for more details or services? Contact us—we’re dedicated to providing the support you need!


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