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AWS Services offered by Vimware (Updated April, 2020)

AWS Services Offered By Vimware

For the last two years Vimware is an AWS Amazon Select Partner . To date, our team has significant experience with 30 out of almost 200 services offered by AWS, which we deploy, manage, and optimize for our clients.  Here are some of the AWS services we have worked on over the past few years.

Vimware-Personnel-AWS-Experience-as-of-April-2020ServiceDescriptionAuto Scaling & Load BalancingAutomatically scale up or down resources as traffic changesAWS VPNEnables Virtual Private Network (VPN) for AWS and on-premise networks.BackupFully managed backup service for snapshots and centralized storageCertificate ManagerProvision, manage & deploy SSL/TLS certificatesCloudfrontGlobal content delivery network (CDN) that minimizes page load timeCloudTrailEnables governance, compliance and auditing of AWS accountsCloudWatchAWS service monitoring and alertingCost ExplorerAWS billing and cost management services and tools including File System and BudgetDirectory ServiceManaged domain directory service built on Microsoft Active DirectoryEC2Spin up virtual servers in the cloud for enterprise applications and robust production websitesEFSFast and expandable file storage for EC2 instancesELBElastic load balancing services that distributes traffic across your AWS instances and functionsGlacierLow-cost and secure archive storage for long-term backupsIAMUser access, permissions & encryption key managementLightsailQuickly and cheaply spin up simple applications, WordPress sites, and development and test environmentsManagement ConsoleWeb-based user interface to manage your AWS infrastructureRDSManaged database services for Aurora, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQLRedisReal-time very fast, highly availability, easily deployable, scalable and secure database Route 53DNS service to map web sites to serversS3Cheap, reliable, scalable and secure cloud storageSESHighly scalable email service to send up to millions of emailSNSNotification service for users and device using mobile push, SMS and emailVPCVirtual Private Cloud featuring multiple layers of security enabling quick creation of secure private networksWAF and ShieldApplication and firewall to limit hacking by common attack schemes such as DDOS, injection and cross-scripting

Vimware provides IT strategy and software development consulting services in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We specialize in helping organizations transition and reinvent themselves into the tech world. Our clients are across many industries including academia, consumer goods, entertainment, and healthcare. Expertise covers iOS, Android, Windows, LAMP and MEAN technology stacks. Vimware is a Select Partner within Amazon’s AWS partner network.


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